The Rinella Tennis Club is pleased to announce the official introduction of the Club's Ranking System.

The following are the aims, objectives and regulations governing this ranking system which is also divided into Categories ranging from Category A1 (The first 10 placed players) up to Category D1.


An indication on how many points can be gained / lost in this ladder system is available by clicking on the 'Point Distribution' button below. Bonus points for Winners, Runners-Up and Finalists are also indicated and will be allocated for all players at the end of each tournament according to their final positioning.

Aims and objectives:

(a)  To revamp the club’s ladder system and ensure that points are distributed in a more equal and fair manner

(b) To encourage club members to participate in tournaments in order to improve their ranking position

(c)  To increase members' interest in the club’s tournament

(d) To reward members who participate mostly in the club tournaments

(e)  To establish seeding before each tournament.



(a) Before the start of any tournament, the Club shall take each player’s ranking points into consideration to establish the player ranked higher and lower respectively. In Doubles the ranking points of both players are added to determine which couple is considered to be ranked higher or lower:

Example to establish average ranking in doubles:

Couple 1: Player A ( 19 points)/Player B (8 points) = 27 points             vs

Couple 2: Player C (11 points)/Player D (14 points) = 25 points

In the above example Couple 2 shall be considered higher ranked than couple 1.


(c) In any exceptional case where couples average ranking is the same, it would be considered that a couple is playing against higher rated opponents. This applies also in singles when two players are in the same ranking position and also when both players are new and therefore both occupy the last position in the ladder.


(d) When there is no Category A, B or C, such as the team tournament, then points for Category A only will be considered. This also applies when all players are playing in the same tournament which is not divided into categories.


(e) A new player who has never been ranked is to be considered placed at the very end of the ladder. This player will automatically start with 1000 points. No player can ever end up with less than 200 points irrespective of the results s/he obtains in any tournament. However the Committee will, on recommendation from the Ranking Sub-Committee, add points on evaluating the playing ability of the individual. This is a one-time only assessment and points will be awarded as follows:


(f) Players who have not yet renewed their membership for 2019 are given until the end of May 2019 to renew.


N.B.  We take the opportunity to remind you that membership fee can be paid as follows:


  • By Paypal (paypal charges are incurred by the Club)

  • By Cheque payable to 'Rinella Tennis Club'

  • Through Internet Banking to the Club’s BOV account number 400 1967 5923.


(g) Ladder points are to be worked out at the end of each tournament and not during the proceedings of that same tournament. Players' ranking position before the start of each tournament will be taken into consideration to establish whether a player/couple are ranked higher or lower than their opponents.


(h) In tournaments where extra ties are necessary to establish the position of a player/s in a particular group or division, these are not considered as extra points for the ladder system.


(i) Challenge System: 

A player may challenge the same player only twice in a calendar year and is only allowed to  challenge a higher ranked player.

The points gained will increase by 5 points for wins against players in the same category and an extra 5 points per category for wins against players ranked in higher categories. Moreover a player will lose 2 points for every challenge lost irrespective of the category of the opponent.


The Club reserves the right to review the above regulations.


Any questions or difficulties regarding the new Ranking System can be addressed to the club's e-mail address: rinellatennisclub@gmail.com.