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                             Court Booking Procedure & Fees


Court Bookings

Members can reserve the court by visiting the Club’s website ( and clicking on the ‘Court Booking’ tab. Log in with your username and password.

The day’s court booking is divided into two different categories according to the time of the booked session. The categories and relevant fees are as follows:

Morning                     06:00 to 13:30    3€ per 1hr 30 mins

Afternoon/Evening    13:30 to 00:00    4€ per 1hr 30 mins




Use of floodlights is 1€ per 23 mins. Kindly use the coin timer located within the clubhouse in order to switch on floodlights. 


All members are presented with the Club’s gate padlock and clubhouse to access the Club’s facilities. 

Covid-19 Measures

We have affixed notices within the clubhouse indicating the Covid-19 measures that must be adhered to when playing at the club. Please make sure that you abide by them at all times.

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